Single Wired Female by Greg Dragon [eARC]

Title: Single Wired Female
Author: Greg Dragon
Published:  March 2016
Waking up in a hospital with no recollection of the events, Bonnie O’Neal sets out to discover who wants her dead – and why. As hazy memories come back, she struggles to determine what is real and what is not. Some of the memories are not her own – but who do they belong to? Fearing that her ex-husband may be involved, Bonnie doesn’t know who she can trust while images of android engineers, wires, and a tall mysterious building flood her mind.

But as reality and dreams merge, will Bonnie learn that her attempted murder might just be a small part of a greater conspiracy? It’s not only Bonnie’s life on the line, but all of mankind… 

This book is very intriguing and if you will ask me well crafted. But as the story goes on,  the plot and my attention to details started to falters. There is no progress in story it was actually like everything was crafted to fit on what was necessary at the moment.

This story is about Tricia, an unrestrained synthetic android that is capable of emotion and self-direction. Androids are treated as slaves and serves in common purpose its owner wanted them to be. Those androids that are free are being hunted and forced into srvitude as well. Betrayed by her so thought "Friend" Tricia was captured and reprogrammed with the memories of Bonnie O'neal.

You see, the story was really intriguing, I actually enjoyed it during the first few chapters, but just like I said, the story just started to scruple. And the ending just didn't add up. It felt like it ended without any explanation at all.


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