TRUEL1F3 by Jay Kristoff


Title: TRUEL1F3
Series: Lifelike, #3
Author: Jay Kristoff
 Publication Date: June2020

From the bestselling co-author of the Illuminae Files comes the thrilling finale in the LIFEL1K3 trilogy--hailed by Marie Lu as "a breathless, action-packed exploration of what humanity really means."

Best friends have become enemies. Lovers have become strangers. And deciding whose side you're on could be the difference between life and death. For Eve and Lemon, discovering the truth about themselves--and each other--was too much for their friendship to take. But with the country on the brink of a new world war--this time between the BioMaas swarm at CityHive and Daedalus's army at Megopolis, loyalties will be pushed to the brink, unlikely alliances will form and with them, betrayals. But the threat doesn't stop there, because the lifelikes are determined to access the program that will set every robot free, a task requiring both Eve and Ana, the girl she was created to replace. In the end, violent clashes and heartbreaking choices reveal the true heroes . . . and they may not be who you think they are.

Now that the final book is here, new readers will have a blast binging the whole series. And I would like to thank @times.reads for sending me the whole series to read and review. 

TRUEL1F3 was a good. The characters have always been one of the best point of this series. All of them has this very strong personality. Even the other supporting characters are good that will definitely make you root for them. It is fun, the pacing was really good, and action-packed in my opinion which is consistent even in the very first installment of this series. 

What am still contemplating about is what and where everything goes wrong in this final installment. I initially loved it and was content, but the more I thought about it the more and more that I realized that it was kind of rushed and though it wrapped up well, I feel like it could have been better. It was the ending that kept me from giving it a five star. The consequence just don't match up. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate TRUEL1F3. I think fans of this series are going to enjoy it and love it as much as the other novels in this series. I just felt a bit disappointed with the ending.

Overall I did expect a lot more from TRUEL1F3. It felt rushed at some parts. But, I did enjoy TRUEL1F3 and I am glad I got to read the conclusion. 

DEV1AT3 by Jay Kristoff

Title: DEV1AT3
Series: LIFEL1K3, #2
Author: Jay Kristoff
Published Date: June 2019

Lemon Fresh has seen better days. 

After the climactic battle in Babel, she finds herself separated from Ezekiel and Cricket in the wastelands. Lemon’s abilities to manipulate electricity mark her as a deviate, and deadly corporate operatives are hunting her to use as a weapon in the war between BioMaas Incorporated and Daedelus Technologies. Instead, Lemon finds herself falling in with a group of fellow deviates—a band of teenagers with astonishing abilities, led by an enigmatic figure known as the Major, who may hold the secrets to Lemon’s past.

Meanwhile, Cricket finds himself in possession of the puritanical Brotherhood, a religious cult set for a head-on collision with the Major and his band. Searching for Lemon, Ezekiel finds a strange ally in an old enemy, and uncovers a plot that may see him reunited with his beloved Ana.

And inside Babel, a remade Eve hatches a plan to bring an end to the world. 

I really enjoyed this sequel! Finally! The side kick takes the center stage! The first book was really good, and this sequel certainly did not disappoint me. I can't believe I just read this now. It was so refreshing that the majority of this book was base on Lemon's point of view. After the first book ended, I was really saddened on how everything turns out for Lemon and Zeke. 

There is a different alternating POV's in this book. At every angle, the readers where able to take grasp on what every character was going through. Although the main lead, Eve, lost all my sympathy in this book, I still hope she will be able to find her true self at the the last sequel. The climatic ending was really good. The plot, pacing and the action packed scenes really got me so hooked. There are robot battles. A mixture of Robots, X-men like humans, and human-like robots all mixed into the chaos of this post-apocalyptic world.

I am so happy that the last installment was already out, and I do not have to wait for so long. I am also very thankful for @times.reads for gifting me the whole series. Will be picking up the 3rd book in no time. 

The Seduction by Joanna Briscoe


Title: The Seduction 
Author: Joanna Briscoe
Publication Date: August 2020

A haunting story of motherhood and obsession for fans of Sharp Objects and Give Me Your Hand.

Beth Penn lives a peaceful life with her partner Sol and their daughter Fern. But Beth is troubled by increasing unease. She cannot shake her uncertainty over her mother, who disappeared when Beth was a child, and she has a sense that her daughter is keeping secrets from her.

So she goes to therapy. Dr. Tamara Bywater is there to help her patients. But what if the very person who is meant to be the solution becomes the most dangerous problem of all? And why is what's bad for us so enticing?

Taut and atmospheric, The Seduction is a disturbing journey into the darkness of the human mind. 

The story could be promising, but then the flow of the story was so sloow.. I constantly find myself drifting out of the story. I admit the story was dark and compelling at times, but I am very disappointed not only with the style of writing but also how the story turned out in the end. It was frustrating and I kept on thinking that the characters failed to connect with me. Why does all the characters seems to be in negative emotions. Its just annoying and depressing.

LIFEL1K3 by Jay Kristoff

Title: LIFEL1K3
Series: LIFEL1K3, #1
Author: Jay Kristoff
Published Date: May 2018

It's just another day on the Scrap: lose the last of your credits at the WarDome, dodge the gangs and religious fanatics, discover you can destroy electronics with your mind, stumble upon the deadliest robot ever built When Eve finds the ruins of an android boy named Ezekiel in the scrap pile she calls home, her entire world comes crashing down. With her best friend and her robotic sidekick in tow, she and Ezekiel will trek across deserts of irradiated glass, battle cyborg assassins, and scour abandoned megacities to save the ones she lovesand learn the dark secrets of her past.

“Stronger together.”
“Together forever.”

I'm trying so hard to put into words just how much I love this book. The world-building was totally exquisite and new for me. There are lots of twists and revelation in this book that definitely put me at edge through out the my reading experience. It was fast paced and no dull moments, just plain blissful reading. It has a lot of action filles sequences that totally rocks. There is violence and brutality in it, but it did not deter me from finishing it, infact, it made me love it more.

This is my very first book from Jay Kristoff. The writing style, the characters are simply fantastic in my opinion. It is action packed, its filled with strings of unflinching and evocative fighting scenarios. The start and end of the books has a breakneck pace I really enjoyed.

Overall, this book genuinely just has so much to offer. I greatly recommend this book to readers out there who are looking for a action packed and strong female lead character. My best read for 2020. Can't wait to start the second book now.

Thank You Times.reads for the complimentary copy of this book!

Sex and Vanity by Kevin Kwan

Title: Sex and Vanity
Author: Kevin Kwan
 Publication Date: July 2020
The iconic author of the bestselling phenomenon Crazy Rich Asians returns with a glittering tale of love and longing as a young woman finds herself torn between two worlds–the WASP establishment of her father’s family and George Zao, a man she is desperately trying to avoid falling in love with.

On her very first morning on the jewel-like island of Capri, Lucie Churchill sets eyes on George Zao and she instantly can’t stand him. She can’t stand it when he gallantly offers to trade hotel rooms with her so that she can have the view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, she can’t stand that he knows more about Curzio Malaparte than she does, and she really can’t stand it when he kisses her in the darkness of the ancient ruins of a Roman villa and they are caught by her snobbish, disapproving cousin, Charlotte. “Your mother is Chinese so it’s no surprise you’d be attracted to someone like him,” Charlotte teases. Daughter of an American-born-Chinese mother and blue-blooded New York father, Lucie has always sublimated the Asian side of herself in favor of the white side, and she adamantly denies having feelings for George. But several years later, when George unexpectedly appears in East Hampton where Lucie is weekending with her new fiancĂ©, Lucie finds herself drawn to George again. Soon, Lucy is spinning a web of deceit that involves her family, her fiancĂ©, the co-op board of her Fifth Avenue apartment, and ultimately herself as she tries mightily to deny George entry into her world–and her heart. Moving between summer playgrounds of privilege, peppered with decadent food and extravagant fashion, Sex and Vanity is a truly modern love story, a daring homage to A Room with a View, and a brilliantly funny comedy of manners set between two cultures.
Fun and easy read. I am really not a fan of glittery, fashion filled stories. But sometimes it was so refreshing to read books where characters have no money issues and just do crazy things with their money and life. It may not have the breezy and humorous comedy of Crazy Rich Asians, but still this book is a good read. There are moments that the love story was actually slow burn and pacing of the story gets a little bit dull, not to mention that I also found it quite comical, at times. But still recommended. 

Providence by Max Barry

Title: Providence
Author: Max Barry
 Publication Date: April 2020
It was built to kill our enemies. But now it's got its own plans.

In the future, the war against aliens from the dark reaches of space has taken a critical turn. Once we approached the salamanders in peace... and they annihilated us. Now mankind has developed the ultimate killing machine, the Providence class of spaceship.

With the ships' frightening speed, frightening intelligence and frightening weaponry, it's now the salamander's turn to be annihilated... in their millions.

The mismatched quartet of Talia, Gilly, Jolene and Anders are the crew on one of these destroyers. But with the ship's computers designed to outperform human decision-making in practically all areas, they are virtual prisoners of the ship's AI. IT will take them to where the enemy are, it will dictate the strategy in any battle, it will direct the guns....

The crew's only role is to publicize their glorious war to a skeptical Earth. Social media and video clips are THEIR weapons in an endless charm offensive. THEIR chief enemies are not the space reptiles but each other, and boredom.

But then everything changes. A message comes from base: the Providence is going into the VZ, the Violet Zone, where there are no beacons and no communications with Earth. It is the heart of the enemy empire - and now the crew are left to wonder whether this is a mission of ultimate destruction or, more sinisterly, of ultimate self-destruction...
My very first book from the author. And I must say I did enjoyed reading this. It is about a space adventure story set in the near future. It has quite a unique story line I really couldn't guess how it was going to end until the last page and I'm sure some readers will enjoy it. What I just do not particularly like about this book are the character development. The crew members which happened to be also the main characters, lacks the competence and intelligence I was hoping for a crew who will be sent out to gather intelligence from outer space enemies.

I am certainly going to check out more books from this author.
Thank you to @times.reads for providing me a complimentary copy of this book.

Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks

Title: Three Perfect Liars
Author: Heidi Perks
 Publication Date: August 2020

When a body is pulled out of an office fire, three women are first in line for questioning.
All of them have reasons for wanting revenge against the company’s CEO.

It could be Laura, who has returned to work to find that her maternity cover isn’t leaving. The CEO insists he’s doing what’s best for the company. Laura isn’t convinced he’s telling the truth.

Or there’s Mia. Brought in as temporary cover for Laura, she has quickly made herself indispensable – and popular with her colleagues. But if people knew why she was so desperate to keep her job, they might not welcome her so freely.

Then there’s Janie, wife to the CEO, who gave up her courtroom career to support her husband and his business. She has her own secret to protect – and will go to any length to keep it safe.

They never thought it would come to this.

I really enjoyed this book. There is an intense way on how the story was being narrated base on the alternating POV of the three main characters. They have their own backstory and agenda, It was a total page turner, and quite enjoyable. Although I realize that the story was quite simple and overly predictable. The ending and the revelation on who the arsonist was a bit anti-climatic. So while this was every bit a good read, the last chapter was a bit disappointment for me. I really did expect more explosive revelation.

Anyway, I would still recommend this book. I have to say I was hooked and found it very much interesting. There are some thought provoking issues. Characters were well developed and believable, but they were not particularly likeable.