Magic Born by Caethes Faron [eARC]

Title: Magic Born
Series:  (Not Specified)
Author: Caethes Faron
Expected Publication: April 12, 2016
After the death of her parents, Kat Thomas retreated from college life into an online fantasy game.

But what if the game she plays is closer to reality?

When a panther shifter named Alex knocks on her door one night, he delivers a message and a package. Kat’s birth mother was a powerful mage who has just been murdered…and now the killer is after Kat. The package contains her mother’s talisman: an amber necklace that latches onto Kat’s neck and attacks anyone who tries to remove it. Before she knows it, ice is shooting from her hands and she’s on the run from an assassin.

Kat must navigate a world of magic and intrigue, fight the forces who want her dead, and protect her friends from becoming collateral damage—all while coming to terms with her new identity. She’s heir to a powerful legacy, but only if she lives long enough to claim it.

I received an advance copy from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

The first thing I noticed in this book is how much I actually love the cover. There is no denying that I actually loved the first few chapters of this book, but as the story continues, I just found it hard for me to grasp everything about the Mage world that surrounds Kat's heritage. There are some twist and turns that turns out to be simple and unsurprising. And the fact that neither the story nor the writing picked up, although my interest on what awaits Kat helped.

The Character. Frankly, I actually find it difficult for me to love Kat's character. She has this tendency to run away from what she actually is. Specially that the story at the few chapters focuses on how she wanted to get rid of her talisman. But I was a little bit relieved that she was able to find it to herself to accept what she trully is.  Alex, I particulary admire his eagerness to protect and bring Kat to Elustria. I was really into shape-shifter thing and him being a Panther makes me love this side of the story.

World-Building. I  actually find it hard to explain but, I felt confused. There are vague description about the world of Elustria. The only thing I know is-- this is where everything magic belongs to. And I'm afraid I might find myself caught between Magesterial Coucil Politics after all. I also find it a little bit slow due to the chapters that basically introduces Kat to magic and on how to hone her skills. With no concrete knowledge on what was really going on aside from her, having the powers of her biological mother in a form of a talisman that was left for her, I believe I was caught in the dark of what really is the story behind her mothers death.

After all that I said, I still find it enjoyable. I still consider reading the sequel given a chance.


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