This is What Goodbye Looks Like by Olivia Rivers [eARC]

Title: This is what Goodbye looks like 
Author: Olivia Rivers
Published: June 17, 2016
Lea Holder watched a boy die in the same DUI accident that ruined Lea’s legs and threw her little sister into a coma. As the only eye-witness to the accident, if she tells the truth in court, the drunk driver will go to prison and the dead boy’s family will have justice.

But Lea lies.

If she had told the truth, Lea would have put her own mom in prison for causing the accident. With the trial over and her mom set free, Lea attempts to rebuild her shattered life as she waits for her little sister to wake from her coma.

When Lea transfers schools, she finds herself in the same senior class as Seth Ashbury, the brother of the boy her mom killed. As Lea gets to know the person buried underneath Seth's grief, she quickly falls for his quick wit and passionate soul. But Seth remains completely oblivious that Lea is the same girl who robbed his family of justice.

As their relationship deepens, Lea finally gets a taste of the love that’s been missing from her life since the accident. But soon she’s faced with a choice: she can continue her lies and accept the comfort it gives them both. Or she can tell Seth the truth about everything, and risk destroying both her family and her newfound love. 

I received a free advance digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book just brings out the worst and saddest emotions a reader could possibly feel in just reading. It talks about pain, grief, love and guilt. I for one had particularly enjoyed this book, but it is also the kind of book you wouldn't love to read if you are not into emotional kind of thing story. The main character is not particularly perfect, I particularly don't agree with some of her decisions but still I find her character strong for the sake of the family she was trying to protect.

The only thing that makes this story a little bit unbelievable is how the story ended. There are a lot of things that are broken which took a lot of time to heal in reality, but the author just neatly wrapped the story and the ending just felt rushed.

Overall, its a good book and has lots of potential. I was just glad it is a stand alone book. If you are one of those people who love chick-flick kind of book, this one is definitely for you.


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