Backward Glass by David Lomax [Book Review]

Title: Backward Glass
Author: David Lomax
Publication Date:  October 8, 2013

 Crack your head, knock you dead, then Prince Harming's hunger's fed.

It's 1977, and Kenny Maxwell is dreading the move away from his friends. But then, behind the walls of his family's new falling-apart Victorian home, he finds something incredible--a mummified baby and a note: "Help me make it not happen, Kenny. Help me stop him."

Shortly afterwards, a beautiful girl named Luka shows up. She introduces Kenny to the backward glass, a mirror that allows them to travel through time. Meeting other "mirror kids" in the past and future is exciting, but there's also danger. The urban legend of Prince Harming, who kidnaps and kills children, is true--and he's hunting them. When Kenny gets stranded in the past, he must find the courage to answer a call for help, change the fate of a baby--and confront his own destiny.

The teaser was really promising. And I am actually very excited during the first few chapters of the book. It has a mixture of thrill and mystery. Hell who wouldn't be thrilled when at the first chapter, the main protagonist seen a barely 3 day old mummified-like baby? Not to mention a very disturbing note to himself?
Yeah, It was really good at the start, but as the story goes on.. the excitement and thrill was replaced by confusion and lots of questions left unanswered.

First is the Characters. The author didn't give much of an idea or introduction about the characters. I was actually left confused of who is who and from what time or year they are from. It gets more confusing when I realize that the whole plot is actually about time travelling. WRONG BOOK. I have never been a fan of time travelling kind of book. And I surely don't enjoy this book as much I thought I would.

Second is the Style of Writing and Pacing. Just like I said earlier, the story started really good, but as the story goes on I felt like I was totally lost. I just can't understand what was happening, I really did tried to understand but there wasn't really any build up interms of the plot and world-building. I just can't understand why the characters keep on going back and forth the whole time. Kids going from present to past, past to present. ITS A VERY OUT OF THIS WORLD CONFUSING. So yeah. I really didn't enjoy it.


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