Remember Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #3) by Kelly Oram

Ranking: +
Title: Remember Jamie Baker
Series: Jamie Baker, #3
Author: Kelly Oram
Publication Date: June 10, 2016
Remember Jamie Baker is the explosive and long awaited conclusion to the Jamie Baker trilogy.

Plagued by memory loss, Jamie Baker searches high and low for the answers to who she is, where she comes from, and why she’s able to do things other humans can’t. A not-so-simple task when she’s hiding from the people responsible for her amnesia—an evil scientific research company that wants to capture her at any cost.

When Jamie’s quest for the truth reveals a devastating betrayal from the one person she thought she could trust, she’s forced to team up with a secret military organization in order to ensure her safety and stop Visticorp’s horrific human experimenting once and for all.
First, This book has taken so long to come out that I really had a hard time remembering what had just happened at the previous book. You see, I always have this problem where I fail to remember some plots of the books specially if it took a whole year to publish the next one. And this book is totally beyond 1 year and I just can't help it and freak out a little that I can't remember too well of the past book. So yes, I did a quick last 3 chapter read for More than Jamie Baker Totally a time waste for me but.. I can say that its WORTH IT.

Second, The Pacing and Plot. I just love how this book was able to keep up the momentum of being a TOTAL PAGE TURNER ever since the first and second book. Until this very last book, Kelly never fails to amaze me how brilliant and how amazingly she could plot a very interesting, swoon-worthy and action-packed story. It was very addictive and compelling that I can't actually put it down.

Third, The Characters. I can say that Kelly has a fantastic way of creating a likable character and despicable character. Just like the other books, the characters can totally either make you squirm, swoon, love and feel hatred. This book just released a different emotions for me in connection with its characters. Hahahahha.

My verdict. IT WAS A TOTAL MUST READ FOR FANTASY AND YOUNG ADULTS out there. A mix of romance, fantasy, and a Kick-Ass heroine is all I can guarantee you in this series. Really there is nothing much to say but: YOU WILL REALLY LOVE THIS BOOK!


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