Mirror Mage by Linsey Hall (eARC)

Title: Mirror Mage
Series: Dragon's Gift: The Huntress, #2
Author: Linsey Hall
Expected Publication: May 4, 2016
Cass Clereaux likes her job. It’s simple—steal the magic, don’t get killed. FireSouls like her are perfect for magic treasure hunting. Their dragon soul helps them find treasure, their wicked powers help them steal it. But there’s a big freaking downside—FireSouls are hunted. If either of the magical governments figures out what she is, she can kiss her life goodbye.

When the Alpha Council comes to her with a special job, it’s a no-brainer to turn it down, no matter how much money they’re offering. Shifters who can sniff out her weird magic are the last supernaturals she needs to be around. Worse? They have a history of hunting FireSouls. But when Cass learns that a little girl’s life is at stake and Cass is her last hope, she doesn’t have a choice.

With her sisters and Aidan Merrick at her back, she’s got a chance at saving the girl and keeping her deadly secret—until she learns there’s far more to this kidnapping than meets the eye. It’s far too similar to what happened to her as a child, and everything new that she learns scares her even more.

I received a free advance digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank You so much Linsey!!!!  

The Mirror Mage, the second installment in Dragon's gift: The Huntress series, has not yet been officially released. The book is expected to be published this coming May 4, 2016. And because of this, I will avoid any major spoilers in this review, which is a very hard task for me because this series has easily wormed its way into my favorite books for 2016.

I am a huge, huge sucker for well-developed characters. And Linsey certainly delivered. That is why I want to commend Linsey for the presence of strong female characters in this novel. The heroine’s friends all have wonderful, distinct personalities, and they are charming in their own way. Actually, I admire how the author was able to develop three-dimensional characters extremely well. There is definitely a balance of friendship (like how we will always have your back kind of friendship), romance and action in this sequel. And I don't want to miss out Aidan. I love Aidan, and I can't help but swoon in every minute he and Cass spends time together, seriously, if you’ve already read the book and in need of someone to squeal with, I’m your girl. Hahaha.

The pace and the plot was also very engaging. Definitely a page turner mind you. There are no dull moments, In fact, I felt like the book was starting to unravel more secrets from the past. And I am starting to question why the main Antagonist wanted the Firesouls. Argh! It was still a mystery after this book. But I guess that is what makes this series interesting and good. It makes you crave and think of lots of possibilities and what ifs. In this book, Linsey had started to let us see how the Firesouls are treated in the world of Magical people and that starts with The Alpha Council.

Please Linsey give me the 3rd book now. My emotions are frenzied mess right now. I really want the third book now. :(


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