Prom Night in Purgatory by Amy Harmon [Book Review]

Title: Prom Night in Purgatory
Series:  Purgatory , #2
Author: Amy Harmon
Published: August 1, 2012
Where does before end and after begin?

By some miracle and against all odds, Johnny and Maggie are given a second chance. But Johnny is freed from Purgatory only to find himself in a totally different time and place, in a world full of strangers. 'Prom Night in Purgatory' is the sequel to the love story that is unlike any other, where time is shifting and everything can change, and Maggie must fight for Johnny all over again.
Oh God. At this moment. Amy Harmon is officially one of my favorite Authors. I was really amazed on how she can twist and plot the previous scenes in the first book into a new and engaging scenario. The romance so believable that I can't explain how Amy made me believe everything is possible. The characters are so real, the emotional turmoil is so heart felt I can't count how many times I wanted to cry for Maggie and Johnny. It started to mess with my belief of Destiny. And my heart is literally heart broken...

I can't tell more of the details because I wanted the readers to feel the same feeling I felt when reading book.  Secrets are revealed, and the mystery becomes more clear. I started asking myself: "Does it have to be that way?" I was left hanging on what to think of after I finished the book. But that is the catch. No matter how unsatisfied I am with how it ended, I still find myself  loving and adoring this book. This is yet one of those beautiful love story ever written.


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