The Accidental Movie Star by Emily Evans

Title: The Accidental Movie Star
Series: Accidental, #1
Author: Emily Evans
Published Date: 2012
Format: ebook
How did Ashley spend her summer vacation? Imagine the hottest guy in Hollywood. Do you see the girl next to him, the one handing him a cup of coffee? Yeah. That’s her.

Interning on a major motion picture is not all bad. She gets to watch some of the scenes and even offer her opinion. “That kiss looked lame. Laughably weak. There’s no chance at an MTV award with that kiss.” LOL.

Until the director says, “Hey, Intern. Yeah, you. Ashley. You’re right. So, teach Caspian how to kiss. Oh, and get in front of the camera. We're going to need you in this next shot."
I started reading this while I was idle from work. Or every time I was taking my lunch and breaks. It was actually a recurring pattern for me, me sitting, no customers coming.. So I read, time passes by and I'm almost half of it... Hahaha! Anyway my impression after reading this... "Light, Funny and Charming"

Both characters are lovely, and both are overflowing with humors. But I think the characters are not so unique. It was actually common. But don't be discouraged. I think the story is good enough for me. It was actually a fun read kind of book. Reading this can successfully pass your time without being stressed over the characters and the story. The plot was totally simple. No lots of complications.

Anyway, I recommend this to people who want an easy read. If you are looking for easy fun read, this is definitely for you..


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