Earth's End (Air Awakens, #3) by Elise Kova

Title: Earth's End
Series: Air Awakens , #3
Author: Elise Kova
Published: February 11, 2016
A woman awoken in air, a soldier forged by fire, a weapon risen from blood.

Vhalla Yarl has made it to the warfront in the North. Forged by blood and fire, she has steeled her heart for the final battle of the Solaris Empire’s conquest. The choices before Vhalla are no longer servitude or freedom, they are servitude or death. The stakes have never been higher as the Emperor maintains his iron grip on her fate, holding everything Vhalla still has left to lose in the balance.

Now fighting for her freedom, Vhalla must deliver the success of conquering the North for Solaris Empire.

I was such a mess after reading this book. Elise literally shattered my heart. I just felt I was left in air and suddenly I can't breath. That is how I felt after I finish this. And I really don't know how can I possible move on with 2 months of waiting game for the 4th book. (Sad)

Anyway! You might have read my previous review for the first book, Air Awakens and the second sequel, Fire Falling which is expressed on how satisfied and appy I am with development and pacing of the characters. Well, This book had hit it AGAIN. Yes! Another success for Elise. And I am really so happy that she never fails to amaze me with her story telling. (SMILING SO WIDE)

The Plot. There are times when I question the intentions of the King. And I am really happy how the story turned out to be at this book. It really confirmed my suspicion for the King. And I was so glad that Elise bought up a new twist on the story. How can Elise save all those innocent people? And how will the story turn out on the fourth book? This are one of the few questions that I have in mind after finishing this book. Though Vhalla continues to grow stronger, there are still moments of uncertainty in Vhalla's part. Elise didn't hesitate to make some turns on the story. and it's a brave thing to do.

The Romance. This book has a lot of romance to offer. Compared to the first 2 books, this one has more confessions and moments between Vhalla and Price Aldrik. And I think I LOVE it. Although I didn't like how it turns out in the end, but still its a kind of pain wherein you will love it. Hahahahahha. No spoilers here!

What to expect in this book: Just when you thought that there is a happy ending for Vhalla and Prince Aldrik. Think twice. The ending will leave you screaming for the fourth book.


  1. This book is awesome. Great review. The character development is well written in every book!