More Than Jamie Baker by Kelley Oram


Title: More Than Jamie Baker
Series: Jamie Baker , #2

Author: Kelly Oram
Published: October 15, 2013
Jamie Baker, the only girl in the world with superpowers, has now accepted who she is and learned to control her power. Not to mention she has the best boyfriend on the planet. Life is finally looking good. But the day she witnesses an accident and decides not to save the guy out of fear of being exposed, she realizes that simply being Jamie Baker isn't enough.
After seeing Jamie so wrecked with guilt, the ever-helpful Ryan Miller decides it's time to make all of his fantasies about turning his girlfriend into an honest-to-goodness superhero become a reality.

Of course, coming up with a decent Super Name and fending off all of Ryan's attempts to get her into spandex aren't the only problems Jamie faces. The more her alter ego starts to make headlines, the harder it becomes for Jamie to hide her extracurricular activities from her best friend, the government, radical scientists, and the mysterious new guy who is determined to steal her from her boyfriend. 
Okay! This is probably one of my most favorite series now. This book has an over flowing jam-packed-superhero-power-twist-and-action rolled into one. The only thing I don't like about this book is it is a DAMN CLIFFHANGER!!! Argh! Seriously?? 2014, what month exactly?? Kelly was trying to kill me. And I'm seriously dying to know what will happen next! Argh!

So this book was sitting in my reader in just one day. And as soon as I finished reading the Iron Fey series (including the mini sequels) I grabbed my reader and decided to start with it right at that moment. And I haven't had a luck in putting it down. I was totally consumed by it.

The story started as light, but as the story continues, the setting sets to be more interesting. I admit there are moments that I find Ryan as an annoying boyfriend, I was laughing out loud when he was insisting Jamie to be a super hero, hahhahha! He was so eager about it. But he was totally a lovable BF for me. There are times the love story was all too cheesy for me. And I sometimes caught myslef murmuring.. "Okay that was too cheesy", but there are moments, I say.. "Ahhh.. that was so romantic." So yeah, I do not know if I am a fun of the romance here but after the damn cliffhanger? I was wondering what will happen to Ryan and Jamie love story. It was like I wanted to hit my head on the wall and ask myself... WHY ON HELL DID I READ IT WITHOUT WAITING FOR THE THIRD BOOK TO COME OUT? And now, I need to wait for I do not know how long. *Sigh* Enough! I am blubbing now for so long about the cliffhanger thing. Sorry about that. So, as for Jamie, I was so happy how she changed into a loving and caring person after being the ICE QUEEN . She might still have a lot of temper, but she's definitely learning to control it. I love how the author manage not to make the protagonist way so perfect. She has her flaws. And I like it so much that I started to idolize her in some way. I was just so torn on how it turns out in the end. I mean, I never see it coming, the ending suprised me a lot that my toes are curling with anticipation. But I can't think of any other way to end this book. So, YES, as much as it is hard for me to say this, the ending was great. A great way to end it infact if you will ask me.

The love triangle, I am really eager to share this. I was actually caught off guard when I learned some things about Teddy.  I actually took the love triangle lightly because I was actually picturing Teddy's love for Jamie as an infatuation kind of love. Because admit it, Jamie sees him as brother. And I never considered him as threat, but an ally. Guess I was wrong? Hahahhahha. I don't want to be a spoiler in here, but I definitely can't contain how much dissapointed I was of Teddy. I thought he has such  a potential of being a great side kick but guess I was wrong. So there! It makes me more than eager to read the third sequel. I am really considering a lot of scenario on what will happen in the next book. It was definitely one of my most anticipated books for this year! 



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