Six's Legacy by Pittacus Lore


Title: Six's Legacy

Series: The Lost Files , #1

Author: Pittacus Lore
Number Six—when John meets her in I Am Number Four she’s strong, powerful, and ready to fight. But who is she? Where has she been living? How has she been training? When did she develop her legacies? And how does she know so much about the Mogadorians?

In I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy, discover the story behind Six. Before Paradise, Ohio, before John Smith, Six was traveling through West Texas with her cêpan, Katarina. What happened there would change Six forever….

Definitely a great book.  It was actually shorter that Nine’s story.
In this book, we were able to know the story behind Six’s life before meeting Four. And how she lost her Cepan Katarina. I can Say that I love Six’s character. Fierce, brave, strong and pretty badass herself. But beyond her character lies a very kind woman who started to develop a great relationship with her Cepan.

Anyway, Six was trained since she was young like Nine. No wonder she fights well when meeting Four. And what really excites me more is to see them fight back to back with Nine against the Mogs. Can’t wait for that moment. So excited to read the next sequel..

“I am a warrior.” My words turned to frost in the air before my face. I grabbed the gentle creature’s neck with both hands and gave it a good hard twist..Katarina was wrong: I have killed before. Out of Mercy. But not yet out of vengeance.”


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