All American Girl by Meg Cabot

Title: All American Girl
Series: All American Girl, #1
Author: Meg Cabot
Published: July 23, 2003
Samantha Madison is an average, cool Washington, D.C., teen: She loves Gwen Stefani (who doesn't?), can draw like nobody's business, and enjoys being opposite to her sister's annoying ultra-social personality. But when she ditches art class one day, she doesn't expect to be jumping on the back of a wannabe presidential assassin. 

Soon the young hero is receiving worldwide acclaim for her bravery, having dinner with her family at the White House, and is even being named teen ambassador to the UN. As if this weren't enough, she and David, the president's son, strike up a friendship that everyone wants the dirt on, which starts to give her romantic "frisson" feelings.

Unfortunately, Sam thinks her sister's boyfriend, Jack, is the true love of her life, and she makes a few wrong turns that could screw up what she's developing with David. Will she ever stop following what she knows and start following what she sees?
One way to describe this book is NICE and SWEET. If you guys love the movie, CHASING LIBERTY, THE PRINCE AND ME , and PRINCESS DIARIES well good news! This will definitely be your choice of book.

Well the story is about Samantha Madison, an ordinary teenager who has a great talent for drawing, loves to wear black and yeah kinda gothic style she can actually be.. Compared to her two extraordinary sisters she is always the one who is being left out and forgotten. Samantha’s older sister named Lucy and she is one of the most beautiful and popular girl in her high school. Her younger sister is also remarkable because she is a genius who attend some special school for people who are highly intelligent.

Top Ten Things You Should Know Before You Read This Book: 
1. It made me laugh.
2. I was highly amused by the top ten lists littered throughout the book telling the story of what Samantha had gotten herself into.
3. Some parts of the story were slightly unrealistic and made me want to gag.
4. I didn't care for the age different between Samantha and David.
5. I thought that sometimes Samantha got a little ahead of herself and needed to respect authority more.
6. I thought Samantha's sister was a pretty interesting character.
7. I didn't care for Samantha's sister's boyfriend, I thought that he needed to grow up and get over himself, I also couldn't see what her sister was doing hanging around this kind of scum.
8. I thought that the fact that Samantha was "in love" a little unrealistic for someone that young.
9. Overall I enjoyed this book.
10. I'd probably recommend it.


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