The Fallen 2: Aerie and Reckoning by Thomas E. Sniegoski

Title: The Fallen 2: Aerie and Reckoning
Series: The Fallen, #2
Author: Thomas E. Sniegoski
Published: March 8, 2011


Aaron's senior year has been anything but typical. Half angel and half human, he has been charged to reunite the Fallen with Heaven. But the leader of the Dark Powers is determined to destroy Aaron—and all hope of angelic reconciliation.

Struggling to harness the incredible force within him, Aaron trains for the ultimate battle. With the Dark Powers gaining in strength, their clash may come sooner than he expects. And everyone who's ever mattered to Aaron is now in grave danger.

Aaron must protect the girl he loves and rescue the only family he's ever known. Because if he can't save them from the Dark Powers, how can he hope to save the Fallen?

This volume was really good compared to the first one.., :) I almost forgot to eat just to finish this. :) after reading this, I learned a lot of things. Forgiving, and loving your enemies inspite of the pain and suffering they had caused you. That no one, other than God has the power to take one's life to end.. It was always God who had the last judgment on things or wrongs we had done. No matter how sinful we maybe, God always forgive those who heartedly repent with their sin.. 

I almost cried at end, about the petty jealousy that started it all.. It really had an impact in me. Because from my personal experience, jealousy could really destroy a once beautiful relationship into a hell of a sin and nightmare.. 

:) readings really fun! :) anyway. :) I don't care if some people don't want this book, we are entitled to  our own opinion but one thing I want to say is I loved this book.:) 

I also got another perception about HELL. Sorrows, pain, all in one feeling. That was totally frightening enough for me..


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